Optoelectronics and Optical Communication
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi



IIT DELHI provides State of the art facilities in its labs to provide in depth understanding and expertise to students in areas of Optical communication, Optical fibers, Photonic Devices, Sensors etc. The exposure students get during lab work motivates them to solve realistic problems and to make a contribution to the field.

Photonics Lab


In this lab, students learn analysis of optical networks through softwares like Artifex, OptSim, MetroWand, Omnet++, Lumerical etc.


Optical Turbulence Generator Chamber

Array of MOEMS(Micro OptoElectro Mechanical Systems)

FSO Link

VLC test bed

Optical Communication Lab

In this lab, students get hands on experience in design and analysis of optical communication systems. The experiments performed as part of this lab are in the following areas:

Intensity Modulation/Direct Detection Optical communication Link

Free Space Optics Link

Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Optical Signal Processing


>> Optical Spectrum Analyser

>> Optical Time Domain Reflectometer(OTDR)

>> Frequency Spectrum Analyser

>> Dense WDM Kit(4 Channel)

>> SDH Analyser

Fiber Optics Lab

Primary objective of this lab is to train students in the latest fiber optics technologies. Experiments are focused on analysis and design of various fiber optics components.


Super Continuum Source

Lasers: Diode, He-Ne, Nd-YAG

Semiconductor Optical Amplifier(SOA)

Erbium Doped FiberAmplifier(EDFA)

Splicing Machine

Dual Channel Optical Power & Energy Meter

TunableLaser Source

FiberPolishing Machine


Beat Length Measurement

Fused FiberCoupler Fabrication

FiberLoss Measurement

Splice Loss Measurement

Refractive Index Profile Measurement

Variable Optical attenuator

AcoustoOptic Modulator