Optoelectronics and Optical Communication
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Faculty (Electrical Engineering)

Tel:+91 11 26591079
Research Areas: Noise Study and Modeling,Digital Communications,Data Communications,Optical communications and Networks.
Prof. Vinod Chandra
Tel:+91 11 26591044
Research Areas: Communication Systems,Fault Tolerant Computing systems,Optical Communicaion.
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Prof.Devi Chadha
Tel:+91 11 26591075
Research Areas: Optical Communication and Networks,Photonics,Microwaves,Electromagnetics.
Prof. Subrat Kar
Tel:+91 11 2659 1088
Research Areas: Photonic Switching,Optical Networks,Computer Communication Networks.
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Dr. Anuj Dhawan
Tel:+91 11 26591080
Research Areas: Nanomaterials, Plasmonics, Photonic devices, Biosensors, Biomedical devices, Nanofabrication, Growth and self-assembly of novel optical & electronic materials, Integrated nano-scale systems, Computational electromagnetics, Sensors: fiber-optic & chip-based, Biophotonics and bioimaging.
Dr. Vivek Venkataramn
Tel:+91 11 2659 1150
Research Areas: Nonlinear & quantum optics, fiber & integrated photonics, light-matter interaction & atomic physics, all-optical devices & novel light sources, optical signal processing and communication
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Dr. Kushal K. Shah
Research Areas: Electromagnetic Fields, Plasma Science, Nonlinear Dynamics, Bioinformatics.
Dr. Abhishek Dixit
Tel:+91 11 2659 6301
Research Areas: Optical access networks; fiber -wireless convergence; Internet of things.
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Faculty (Physics)

Prof. K.Thyagarajan
Tel:+91-11-2659 1328 (O)
Areas of Interest: Nonlinear guided wave optics, optical fiber amplifiers, fiber gratings and dispersion compensating systems.
Dr. Joyee Ghosh
Tel:+91-11-2659 1310 (O)
Areas of Interest: Quantum Information Technologies, Quantum & Nonlinear Optics, Quantum & Nonlinear Optics, Atomic, Molecular and Optical.
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Prof. M.R. Shenoy
Tel:+91-11-2659 1334 (O)
Areas of specialization: Guided Wave Optics, Optoelectronics
Prof. Arun Kumar
Tel:+91-11-2659 1361 (O)
Areas of Interest: Electromagnetic Wave Propagation through Optical Fibres and Integrated Optical Waveguides, Fibre-optic Components and Devices.
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Prof. D.S. Mehta
Tel:+91-11-2659 1455 (O)
Areas of specialization: Bio-photonics: Optical Coherence tomography and Optical Tweezers, Optical 3D-surface profilometry, Solid State Lighting (Optics of LEDs and OLEDs) and Optical Interferometry
Dr. Bhaskar Kanseri
Tel:+91-11-2659 1111 (O)
Areas of Interest: Experimental quantum optics, ultrafast optics, cavity and non-linear optics, optical coherence and polarization, interferometry and spectroscopy, optical tomography, spectral switching, fiber optics and plasmonics
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Dr. R.K.Varshney
Tel:+91-11-2659 1357 (O)
Areas of Interest: Optical Fibre Communication, Integrated Optics.
Prof. Joseph Joby
Tel:+91-11-2659 1336 (O)
Areas of Interest: Photonic crystals, Interference lithography, Digital holography, OLED light extraction.
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Faculty (Other)

Prof. Sudhir Chandra
Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (CARE)
Areas of Interest: Specialization: Microelectronics technology, silicon IC technology, SOI devices, silicon micromachining.
Prof. Sneh Anand
Centre for Biomedical Engineering (CBME)
Areas of Interest: Biomedical Instrumentation, Rehabilitation Engineering, Biomedical Transducers and Sensors, Biomechanics Technology in Reproduction Research. Controlled Drug Delivery System.
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