Optoelectronics and Optical Communication
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Physics

The interdisciplinary M. Tech Programme in Opto-Electronics and Optical Communication at IIT Delhi is offered jointly by Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics, which has been running since 1980. The Programme is open to students having B. Tech (Electrical/ Electronics and Communication Engineering) or M.Sc (Physics) degree. The main objective of the Programme is to generate trained professionals in the broad area of Opto-Electronics and Optical Communication with a strong background of engineering and science. Students who graduated in earlier batches are immensely contributing to growth of various industries and R&D organizations involved in the area of hardware design, telecommunication, optical communication & networks, semiconductor technology, fiber integrated optics, Opto-Electronics, software etc.

A Message from the Programme Co-ordinator


Prof. R K Varshney

This is a joint Programme offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Physics at IIT Delhi. It has the right mix of subjects from both the departments included as its course curriculum, which prepares our students to relate the intricate issues from the physics domain into the software/hardware based concepts of the Engineering Industry. The students are free to take up projects from any of the departments which doubles the vistas which they can explore in this two year Programme.This is the course, a person interested in understanding Opto-electronics and optical communication from its basic principles to its sophisticated applications should take up.