PYL760 Biomedical Optics and Bio-Photonics

3 credits (3-0-0)

Introduction to Biophotonics: Photobiology: Light-tissue interactions and light induced effects in Biological systems. Optical properties of tissue absorption, scattering, diffraction, and emission. Spectroscopy: Fluorescence, Raman and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy: Physics and their applications. Basic principles of optical imaging and spectroscopy systems. Principles of standard optical microscopy/ fluorescence microscopy/ endoscopy and instrumentation. Confocal microscopy: Principles, instrumentation and applications. Two-photon and multi-photon microscopy. Physics of optical tweezers and its applications in biology. Bio-medical applications of lasers: Laser scissors, Photo-dynamic therapy. Optical coherence tomography (OCT): Physics, Imaging concepts and applications. Photo-acoustic tomography (PAT): Physics, Imaging concepts and applications. Quantitative phase microscopy; Principles and imaging concepts, Imaging beyond diffraction limit; SIM, STED, NSOM, Image processing and image recovery methods.