PYL770 Ultra-Fast Optics and Applications

3 credits (3-0-0)

Generating and measuring Ultrashort Optical Pulses.- Ultra-Broadband Optical Parametric Amplifiers.- Advances in Solid-State Ultrafast Laser Oscillators.- Ultrafast Quantum Control in Atoms and Molecules.- Femtosecond Optical Frequency Combs.- Ultrafast Material Science Probed using Coherent X-Ray Pulses from High-Harmonic Generation.- Ultrafast Nonlinear Fibre Optics and Supercontinuum Generation.- Nonlinear Wavelength Conversion and Pulse Propagation in Optical Fibres.- Applications of Ultra-Intense, Short Laser Pulses.- Utilising Ultrafast Lasers for Multiphoton Biomedical Imaging.- Femtosecond Laser Micromachining.- Technology and Applications of THz waves, Ultrafast Nonlinear Microscopy,- Attosecond Generation.