PYL771 Green Photonics

3 credits (3-0-0)

Need for green photonics, Overview of solid-state lighting technologies and their advantages. Inorganic and Organic LEDs: Fundamentals, Device Physics, Diode structures and operating principles. Materials for LEDs, OLEDs and PLEDs: Phosphor materials and their characterisation. LEDs and OLED fabrication, encapsulation and Packaging techniques. Electro-optical properties of LEDs and OLEDs; Electric drive circuits, internal, external and power efficiency, Spectral distribution, and encasulants. Design and development of light out- coupling techniques. Photometry and colorimetry of LEDs and OLEDs. Free-form optics and design of LEDs and OLEDs based illumination systems: General lighting, Traffic lights, Automotive, Street & flood lighting, and Backlights for displays. Sunlight Harvesting Technologies, Non-imaging Solar Concentrators and illuminators: Parabolic and Fresnel lens, Diffractive, Microoptics and Free-form optics for lighting and illumination engineering of day light saving, light guiding devices and diffuse lighting materials and devices. Solar photovoltaics: Inorganic, Organic and Polymeric solar cells: Principles, Technology and Applications. Role of solar concentrators.