PYL790 Integrated optics

3 credits (3-0-0)

Guided TE and TM Modes of Symmetric and Asymmetric Planar waveguides: Step-index and graded-index waveguides. Strip and channel waveguides, anisotropic waveguides, Marcatiliís Method, Effective-Index method and Perturbation method of analysis. Directional couplers, Coupled mode analysis of uniform and reverse delta-beta couplers. Applications as power splitters, Y-junction, optical switch; phase and amplitude modulators, filters, A/D converters, Y-splitters, Mode splitters, polarization splitters; Mach-Zehnder interferometer based devices, Acoustooptic waveguide devices. Arrayed waveguide devices, Nano-photonic-devices: Metal/dielectric plasmonic waveguides, Long and short range surface Plasmon modes supported by thin metal films, applications in waveguide polarizers and bio-sensing. Fabrication of integrated optical waveguides and devices. Waveguide characterisation, end-fire and prism coupling; grating and tapered couplers, Fiber pigtailing, Nonlinear effects in integrated optical waveguides