PYL791 Fiber Optics

3 credits (3-0-0)

Rays and ray paths in optical fibers; Numerical aperture; Step index and graded index fibers; Attenuation in optical fibers; Modal analysis of symmetric planar waveguides; TE and TM modes, mode cut off, power flow: Linearly polarized (LP) modes in step-index optical fibers; Mode cutoff, single mode operation; Mode field diameter in single mode fibers, LP modes of infinitely extended parabolic medium, Intermodal dispersion in multimode fibers; Optimum profile fibers; Dispersion and chirping of pulses in single mode fibers, Dispersion compensation and dispersion tailoring; Birefringence in optical fibers, Polarization mode dispersion; Specialty fibers: Birefringent fibers, Photonic crystal fibers; Erbium doped fiber amplifiers and lasers; Fiber optic components: fiber Bragg gratings, directional couplers; Fiber fabrication and characterization techniques; OTDR, connectors and splices