PYL793 Photonic devices

3 credits (3-0-0)

Review of Semiconductor Physics for Photonics: The Density of States ?(k) and ?(E); Density of States in a Quantum Well Structure; Carrier Concentration & Fermi Level; Quasi Fermi Levels. Semiconductor Optoelectronic Materials; Heterostructures, Strained-Layers, Bandgap Engineering; p-n junctions; Schottky Junctions & Ohmic Contact. Interaction of Photons with Electrons and Holes in a Semiconductor; Rates of Emission and Absorption; Amplification by Stimulated Emission; The Semiconductor Optical Amplifier. Quantum Confined Stark Effect and Franz-Keldysh Effect. Electro-absorption Modulator: Principle of Operation and Device Configuration. Light Emitting Diode: Device Structure and Output Characteristics, Modulation Bandwidth, Materials for LED, and Applications. White light LEDs. Laser Diodes: Device Structure and Output Characteristics, Single Frequency Lasers; DFB, DBR Lasers, VCSEL, Quantum Well and Quantum Cascade Laser, Micro-cavity lasers. Modulation of Laser Diodes, Practical Laser Diodes & Handling. Photodetectors: General Characteristics of Photodetectors, Impulse Response, Photoconductors, PIN, APD, Array Detectors, CCD, Solar Cell. Photonic Integrated Circuits.